Oman is one of those incredible destinations that is a real ‘hidden gem’ filled with adventure, luxury, and some of the best views in the world. It may be a little off the usual tourist trail, but is well known to the residents of the UAE as one of the most beautiful and fascinating destinations in the entire region.

We are happy to to offer Oman Insurance for renters who wish to drive to Oman and back in a Hertz vehicle. However, this is subject to an advance request to Hertz to ensure that the required conditions are met.

All customers who wish to drive to Oman need to be aware that all requests should be submitted at the time of booking, and that an additional per-day insurance fee applies for customers using their Hertz rental car to visit Oman. We’ve made it straightforward and simple to arrange this by providing our customers with a copy of the insurance and NOC to travel, which should be produced at the border. If the customer is refused entry into Oman (for any reason), no refund of Oman insurance is applicable

We are happy to advise our customers on the entry route to be taken to cross over into Oman. However, once in Oman there is limited assistance available in the event of a breakdown or accident while the customer is in Oman. There may be delays in receiving any reported traffic violations from the authorities in Oman. As such, there may also be delays in any additional charges if a customer incurs a violation penalty.

Please note that a valid visa is required for customers who wish to travel to Oman.