The United Arab Emirates is a federation of 7 emirates in the Arabian Peninsula. The country provides a delightful vista to its visitors with its ever-changing facade. The perfect balance between the colours of the old-world charm of bazaars and souks coupled with the sky-soaring towers of glass is truly enchanting.

The UAE is known for its popular tourist spots and activities, but there are quite a few stones left unturned by regular visitors. If you are a passionate traveller ready to explore your destination in a different light, read on.

The Ottoman Mosque:

The oldest mosque in all of the Emirates is the Fujairah- Al Bidyah, also known as the Ottoman Mosque. With a structure made of mud and brick, the mosque is of great historical importance. Take a step into the history of the UAE and get transported into the past with a visit to this historical structure.


ARABEX, the Arabian exhibition, aims at bringing together various Arabian art forms, cuisines, cultural activities, and fashion in a single platform. For someone who is curious to learn about all the attributes of a community, this exhibition is the ideal pit-stop. ARABEX is held every year for a period of 5-6 days between the months of September and November.

The Arabian Nights Village:

Upgrade your regular desert safari with this custom experience that lets you relish the desert vibe like never before. Avail of car rental services from Hertz and drive to the Arabian Nights Village in Abu Dhabi. Here you can choose between various customisable options and enjoy the Bedouin life like a true Arab trader of the past.

The Emirates Park Zoo:

Enjoy a stroll in this park and zoo while observing mighty animals like lions, elephants, and birds of prey. You can witness the beauty and natural diversity of the animal world here. The zoo also doubles as a weekend retreat and offers visitors the option to book a stay at its in-house luxury resort.

Wadi Ghalilah:

A quick car ride away from Dubai, the Wadi Ghalilah is every rock climber’s dream come true. Standing at a height of 1.9 kilometres, the rocky terrain is definitely a risk taker’s delight. Take the most dangerous and thrilling trek up the “stairway to heaven” mountain and give your vacation an exciting turn.

Wathba Wetland Reserve:

Also known as Flamingo City, this natural reserve is a recommended destination if you want to observe nature up close. The serene wilderness, the sight of beautiful flamingoes, and the scenic beauty of this reserve will leave you mesmerised. Escape the ultra-modern city life to spend fleeting moments of peace and calm at this worthwhile retreat.

Abu Dhabi Sports Festival:

A dedicated festival aimed towards creating a healthy community, the Abu Dhabi Sports Festival is a spectacle in itself. The grandeur and splendour that is pivotal to every Arab establishment is reflected in the celebration of this festival as well.