Upcoming events in the UAE

October 3, 2021, hertz Discover UAE Latest Posts

As we slowly emerge from one of the worst pandemics in recent history, Dubai and the UAE are starting to welcome visitors again. The easing of COVID restrictions means that life can start getting back to normal, and that includes entertainment, events, and exhibitions are back on again. At Hertz, we’re delighted that at last, […]

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Travel the World within the UAE

August 8, 2021, hertz Discover UAE Latest Posts

We all want to travel the world, but with the current Covid-19 situation, options can be a little limited. So rather than jetting off abroad, why not travel the world – right here in the UAE? At Hertz, we love adventures, and we know you do too. To help you scratch that travel itch, we’ve […]

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Indoor Activities in Dubai

July 5, 2021, hertz Discover UAE Latest Posts

While there are many things to see and do outside in Dubai, there’s plenty of activities on offer indoors. There’s one big advantage to indoor activities in Dubai, and that’s air conditioning! If you want to escape the summer heat, we have a selection of the best indoor activities in Dubai for the whole family, […]

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Make your own Memory Museum

May 31, 2021, hertz Discover UAE Latest Posts

Thanks to the internet, sharing or saving your own adventure archive has never been easier. Whether you’re an Instagram expert and you want to share a snap or a video with your followers, or you want to curate some precious memories for your nearest and dearest, your experiences in the UAE are only an upload […]

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Choosing the Right Van

April 26, 2021, hertz Latest Posts On the Road

They’re tough, they’re rugged, and they’re a crucial part of your business – but how do you choose the rightvehicle? With so many different types on offer, it can be challenging to pick what is effectively a key business asset. Do you want to buy outright, lease or simply rent? Are you moving people or […]

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Tips to Improve Your Business Trip

March 15, 2021, hertz Latest Posts Travel Guides

With a positive light to end the current Covid-19 crisis now on the horizon, all eyes are turning to the upcoming Expo 2021 in the UAE. Eagerly awaited by the international business community, this extraordinary event lasting from October 1st 2021 until March 31st 2022 is one of the most important events of the decade. […]

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Head off on an Instaworthy Road Trip

February 16, 2021, hertz Discover UAE Latest Posts

The digital age has given us all the opportunity to share our adventures with friends, family, and followers. Even if we’re thousands of miles away, our Instagram family can see what we see in an instant, from quick snaps to short videos. Now your road trip through the UAE can also be a great opportunity […]

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Top 5 Activities to Try Before Winter Ends

January 20, 2021, hertz Discover UAE Latest Posts

Thanks to its climate, winter activities in the UAE are just as much fun as summer adventures. What makes them different, though, is a lower daily temperature that makes exploring and outdoor activities much more comfortable. You may still need to pack plenty of water if you decide to head off into the desert for […]

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COVID Testing Process for Visiting Abu Dhabi

January 5, 2021, hertz Discover UAE Latest Posts

Although cases of Covid-19 are relatively low in the UAE, it is still a major health concern for the region, both for those who live here and visitors from overseas. As with other nations, the UAE has strict measures in place to try and control the spread of the disease as effectively as possible, including […]

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January 5, 2021, hertz Discover UAE Latest Posts

It’s a great time to get out there and enjoy the very best that the UAE has to offer. From family-friendly days out to longer adventures touring the mountains and deserts of this incredible part of the world, if you have the right vehicle then you and your family can go anywhere. Choose an SUV […]

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