Have you booked a car with Hertz Car Rental and are getting ready for a road trip? Or have you just relocated to the UAE and are facing your first summer of city commuting in Dubai? In this part of the world, the temperatures in the summer months can be extreme. To help you get the most of your motoring, we’ve put together our top 10 safety tips for driving in the summer. Whatever you’re doing and wherever you’re heading, these should help you to stay cool even when the thermometer hits the 40s°C.

1. Don’t let your car overheat

Most cars can cope quite easily with the summer temperatures, with fans that kick in to keep the engine cool and of course, a radiator that is essential to the smooth running of any vehicle. However, if your radiator runs dry or the engine fan doesn’t quite have the power to keep your car cool, it can overheat. If that happens, you can cause a lot of damage to the engine if you don’t bring the temperature down quickly. If possible, stop in a safe place and let the vehicle cool down. Get everyone out and into a shaded spot just in case of fire, and whatever you do, do not undo the radiator cap until the engine has cooled down completely.

2. Check your tyres regularly

As you go along, the air inside your tyres gets hot and can change the air pressure levels. Make sure your tyres are at the correct tyre pressure and have not been damaged by driving on exceptionally hot tarmac surfaces.

3. Find a shaded parking space

It’s no fun getting into a roasting hot car at the end of a busy day, and if you do leave your car in direct sunlight all day long the heat can start to cause damage to the interior. Try and park in a shaded spot, preferably in an underground car park, to keep the sun at bay and the temperature in the cabin down.

4. Have an emergency kit onboard

This is a useful tip at any time of the year, but during the summer boost up your emergency kit with weather-appropriate extras such as good quality sunglasses to protect your eyes, and plenty of bottled water (avoid anything that’s plastic grade one that might be damaged by heat). Also include things such as after-sun products and a good quality sunblock to protect your skin while driving.

5. Avoid driving in the desert in high summer

Temperatures in the desert can soar to 50°C. So if you’re planning a desert activity like sandboarding, pick a trip early in the day or try night-time session instead.

6. Never leave pets or children in the car

The temperature in a locked car can be more than 20°C higher than outside, so never ever leave animals or children in a locked car, even for a few minutes.

7. Don’t leave pressurised canisters in the car (even in the boot)

Lighters, bottles of perfume or even cans of fizzy drinks can explode in extreme heat, so never leave them in your car unless you want an extra detailing bill!

8. Try and avoid sitting in heavy rush hour traffic

The longer you sit in traffic, the greater the chance of your car overheating. If possible, try and stagger your journey so you don’t get caught up in the morning or evening rush hour.

9. Keep up to date with your services

At Hertz Car Rental we always make sure that every vehicle in our fleet is properly maintained and regularly serviced. Don’t forget that during the summer months your car may need extra service checks, especially for over-worked air conditioners, cooling systems, and batteries.

10. Get windshield and car window sun shades

Adding windshield and car window sun shades can make a huge difference to your comfort (and that of your passengers) during the hot summer months. So, ensure to always have some on hand to cut down the heat in the car.

Want to know more about driving in the UAE during the summer? Speak to one of our Customer Service Representatives who’ll be happy to help.