The UAE is one of the most frequented tourist destinations in the world. If you have recently landed, then choosing a car rental in the UAE is the best way of getting around. With a pre-planned approach you can really save your waiting time and get yourself a car that suits your requirements. Here are a few tips that could help you efficiently get a car rental without spending a lot of money:

Make Pre-Bookings

While planning your itinerary for your UAE trip, don’t forget to pre-book your car rental. It will not only save you from any hassle when you go to pick it up, but also save a considerable amount of your money. There are several car rental companies with online brochures from where you could choose a suitable car.

Pick Your Car According to Your Needs

Before you head over to rent a vehicle, think about why you need it. Can it go long distances with ease? Is the vehicle going to be comfortable for your kids? Will it be able to go over sand? For families, an SUV or sedan is the best pick as they are spacious and can seamlessly run across different terrains. If you’re young and adventurous, you could pick your options from luxury, sports or exotic cars.

Closely Observe Paperwork and Keep Necessary Documents

When you’re opting for a car hire in UAE, or any place for that matter, ensure that you have all the paperwork and documentation figured out. Keep your local and international driver’s license along with your passport with yourself. Also, it’s suggested that you get a travel insurance which includes coverage for accidents.

Check for the authenticity of the vehicle’s paperwork as well, its registration and insurance. Read all the terms and conditions beforehand to avoid any confusion and extra payments.

Refrain from Unnecessary Extras

Rental cars come with a range of additional perks, like a GPS navigation, a pre-charge fuel refill, a satellite system and a high-end music system as well. Be advised that these upgrades come with an additional price. Don’t get too excited before getting an upgrade, confirm with the rental company whether it’s for free or a chargeable one.

Rent for a Longer Period

The algorithm of car hire in UAE works in a different way than other places. Here, renting for lesser number of days costs more than renting for a longer duration. This is because of the frequency of business travelers visiting the country; they are price insensitive which gives rental companies the liberty to put a higher rent for lesser days (three-fours day on an average). This, in turn, effects the budget tourists who have to bear extra costs for a shorter renting period. The solution to this problem is to rent a car for a longer duration of time, that should give you better deal.