The UAE’s capital and the largest of the seven Emirates, Abu Dhabi boasts a stunning skyline and a vibrant cosmopolitan lifestyle. From housing the largest hand-made carpet to offering the most sumptuous high tea, the capital city offers its guests some of the most luxurious travel experiences in the world.

Whether you are a history lover who loves to explore museums or a food aficionado who can’t wait to enjoy the unique flavours of Emirati cuisine, Abu Dhabi has something for everyone. The most affordable and convenient way to travel around the city is by leasing a vehicle via a car rental firm.
Here’s why.

Cost-effective and Hassle-free

With its warm climate and clear skies, driving around Abu Dhabi is much more fun than travelling in buses and taxis. Besides saving a lot of time, you also end up saving money and seeing more of Abu Dhabi’s beauty. Reputed car rental companies such as Hertz offer great deals on leasing and monthly rental services. When you do the math, it works out to be cheaper than buying a car! With an endless stretch of smooth roads across the city, be prepared to enjoy bump-free rides no matter where you travel in the UAE.

Enhanced Luxury Driving Experience

Luxury resides in the very DNA of the Arab city. And when in Abu Dhabi, do as the Abu Dhabians do. You too can enjoy a taste of luxury by leasing premium cars for your holiday. Hertz lets you drive a range of luxury Audi models and other sports cars at affordable prices. With clean and smooth roads, every car lover can enjoy a dream drive in Abu Dhabi in a self-driven premium car.

Road Trips

Having a car at the ready is the best way to go on impromptu adventures. Here are three of the best drives you can take from the capital city of the UAE:

  • The Empty Quarter in Liwa
    Located 220 kilometres away from Abu Dhabi is the beautiful Liwa oasis. Rent a car and drive down the stunning roads to Liwa to enjoy magnificent views of red sand dunes on the way. After the 2 and a half hour drive, you can spend a night at the Tilal Liwa Hotel to rejuvenate your senses. You can indulge in fun activities, such as camel trekking, sand boarding, and dune safaris.
  • The Jebel Hafeet Mountain Road
    Seasoned drivers, test your car driving skills by setting on a journey to The Jebel Hafeet Mountain Road. Known as the world’s greatest road for driving, this7.3 mile long flawless asphalt road snakes through the Jebel Hafeet Mountain and has 60 tricky corners!
  • The Winding roads of Khasab, Musandam
    A 4-hour drive from Abu Dhabi, a road trip to Oman’s Musandam peninsula is nothing short of spectacular. On reaching this beautiful destination, you can snorkel in the turquoise waters, or enjoy a swim with the dolphins. For some extra fun, setup an overnight camp at Telegraph Island, Oman.