Hertz in Al Ain

Car rental in Al Ain is one of the best ways to see this garden city and Hertz makes it easy with a central branch. The second largest city in the emirate of Abu Dhabi, Al Ain is an oasis in the desert, once part of the caravan route from the United Arab Emirates to Oman. With lots of tourist attractions within the city, hiring a car is the best way to explore without relying on public transport or taxis.

A natural wonder in itself, Al Ain is a welcome break from the humid air of Abu Dhabi. It’s a great place for families and thrill seekers alike, with a zoo and safari park, beautiful parks, hot springs and white water rafting (the world’s first man-made facility). Of course, you are in the desert so a car is a great way to stay cool between attractions.

Driving and Parking in Al Ain

You will need a full driving licence and must be over 21 to rent a car in Al Ain. If you are from outside the United Arab Emirates you will also need an International Driving Permit (IDP). For more information about driving regulations in Al Ain, take a look at our page about renting a car in the UAE.

Driving in Al Ain is fairly straightforward as the city is comparatively small and easy to navigate. However, many locals have a reasonably lackadaisical attitude to the rules of the road so you should take care when driving. As in the rest of the UAE drink-driving is strictly prohibited and speeding laws are rigorously enforced.

When you rent a car in Al Ain (or anywhere else in Abu Dhabi) you will notice signs for Mawaqif. This is the local paid parking system which is in operation from 8am until midnight from Saturday until Thursday – with the exclusion of Fridays and public holidays. The parking meters set time limits for public parking so you need to pay attention to your ticket as fines are hefty. Parking itself is very cheap with rates of AED2 or AED3 per hour, or AED15 for 25 hours.

Driving in and around Al Ain

Key Routes

The E30 and E7 are the main motorways running through Al Ain and these connect to the local road system that takes you further into the beautiful oasis city. Particularly noteworthy are Nahyan The First Street which leads to the popular Al Ain Zoo, and Shakhboot Bin Sultan Street which the Camel Race Track.

If it’s adventure you’re after, follow 138th Street down to Wadi Adventure for white water rafting and surfing.

Major Highways

Al Ain is well connected to other parts of the UAE, with the E30 and E22 motorways both taking you to Abu Dhabi, while the E66 goes straight through the desert into the centre of Dubai. Other local routes will take you to small desert towns if you’re keen on exploring.

Speed limits when you rent a car in Al Ain are the same as the rest of the United Arab Emirates and, although there is a slight tolerance, they are strictly enforced with large fines if you are caught. On motorways, the fastest you can travel is between 140km/h and 100km/h (between 85 and 60mph) and then this goes down to between 120km/h and 100km/h (75 and 60mph) on desert roads and between 60km/h and 50km/h (40 and 30mph) in built-up areas. Check local signs so you know what the current local limit is.