Customer-focused, transportation and consulting solutions.

We are the single source provider for professional staff and event transportation with over 50 year experience in our management team.

Hertz UAE has the regional expertise to select, stipulate, procure, examine and incorporate a wide array of vehicles into a new or existing fleet. We analyze your transportation requirements, including alternative fuel vehicles, to help streamline and reduce total costs associated with your fleet.

We provide hardware and software packages, so each vehicle is outfitted with technology that includes onboard cameras and systems that track inspections, GPS technology for route planning , vehicle tracking, passenger counting and communication systems. With our support, we will ensure your business secures a vehicle fleet to serve your customer service objectives best.

Our Core Services

Our services include development of a complex staff transport solutions as well as transport system for events and tours. We work with our clients to understand and tailor make transportation solutions keeping in mind their needs and expectations.

Our solutions incorporate modern technologies to minimize resource idling, extensive travel times and the impact on the environment.

Refined transportation planning, operations, and services

Experienced shuttle bus services, corporate transport, VIP/foreign delegate moves, as well as comprehensive transportation planning for events, venues, and facilities.

We provide safe, responsive, reliable solutions and customer-oriented services. We ensure passengers reach their destination safely and efficiently by supplying our clients with comprehensive transportation planning and stakeholder integration. We will provide your concept of operations (CONOP) through to working operations plan (OPLAN) and take a lead role when it comes to implementing and managing ground operations.

Shuttle Services

We plan, manage, and, operate complex shuttle bus and multi modal vehicle systems for airports, events industrial complexes, corporate campuses, office buildings, hotels and government bodies. We operate complicated curbside management systems and cross function as dispatchers and conducting driver control. This experience, combined with our project-tested operations and specialized staff, allows us to administer transportation systems in an ever-changing environment efficiently.

Our services include:

  • Airport Arrivals / Departures
  • Single and group transfers
  • Event shuttle systems
  • Staff Transportation
  • VIP / Foreign Delegate moves
  • Personal Chauffeur service

Staff Transport

From five to five thousand staff moving via crowded urban environments, complicated by street closings and rush hour traffic,  secure working sites, minimal room for buses, this is all part of the multifaceted process of successfully transporting deep staffing rosters on a daily basis.

Hertz UAE’s experience in contingency planning, responding to the unexpected and fostering communication models, help keep you informed at all times. Our experience and exclusive planning and operational cycles allow us to mitigate your risk threshold while increasing efficiency and saving costs. With our technology, everyone is up to speed – from your staff to drivers and load zone supervisors to your management and operations team.

We offer a comprehensive, customer-specific solutions and are uniquely qualified, due to our:

  • Strategic planning and operations model that mitigates risk related transportation
  • Consistent emphasis on delivering the best customer service, through technology, client communication, and responsiveness
  • Fleet management solutions based on technology for improved operations and guest experience

Event Transportation Management

Hertz UAE team will provide custom solutions to maximize revenue while reducing spending to enhance cost-effectiveness and profitability. We are not just a Company offering workforce to operate vehicles, but rather a professional management Company who are focused on providing the most efficient and effective operations and technology solutions for increasing the overall guest experience. We are unrelenting when it comes to providing a high end service staffed by professional, courteous, service-oriented operators.

Our management expertise includes:

  • Operational assessments and analyses
  • Fleet Planning
  • Airport Arrivals / Departures Services
  • Driver Management
  • Route optimization
  • Route Analysis and management
  • Dispatch Control
  • Technology Integration & Support
  • On-The-Ground Operational Support