Your Guide to Nature: Rafisah Dam

January 27, 2022, hertz Discover UAE Latest Posts

Unwinding by water is thought to help with stress and promote general wellbeing. Built in the 1980s and overlooked by the snow-capped Hajar Mountains, the Rafisah Dam is an ideal spot in which to unwind. You’ll find play areas for the kids, a mosque, a superb restaurant, and translucent waters where you can go boating […] full post

Your Guide to Nature: Khorfakkan

January 19, 2022, hertz Discover UAE Latest Posts

Getting to grips with Mother Nature doesn’t have to be about forests and mountains. With a visit to Khor Fakkan, you can enjoy all the benefits of a beach break while exploring the kaleidoscope of marine life that thrives in the temperate blue waters. If you’re happy to dive, you can explore the kaleidoscopic coral […] full post

Your Guide to Nature: Jebel Jais

January 12, 2022, hertz Discover UAE Latest Posts

If you prefer your natural encounters to have a touch of adventure about them, take a trip to Jebel Jais. Formed over 70million years ago, these mountains are the tallest in the UAE, reaching over 1930m above sea level. Aside from the world’s longest zipline, hiking and cycling trails, and camping opportunities, Jebel Jais is […] full post

Your Guide to Nature – Al Qudra

January 6, 2022, hertz Discover UAE Latest Posts

Take a break from the city and indulge in the impressive nature found in the UAE. Just half an hour’s drive from Dubai, you’ll find the tranquil oasis of the Al Qudra Lakes. Man-made and designed to promote eco-tourism, they’re a relaxing series of crystal-clear lakes that act as home to a variety of birds […] full post

Your Guide to Nature – Wadi Shees

December 29, 2021, hertz Discover UAE Latest Posts

While glitzy skylines are an impressive view, the UAE has a number of natural hidden gems. Just an hour and a half’s drive from Dubai, Wadi Shees is a little slice of paradise, tucked away in the Hajar Mountains. Lush, green, and fertile, this mountaintop oasis is home to some beautiful nature trails, complete with […] full post

Your Guide to Nature: Marmoom Nature Reserve

December 22, 2021, hertz Discover UAE

The Al Marmoom Nature Reserve is the UAE’s biggest, unfenced natural conservation area. Covering over 400,000 square metres of shrubland, desert, and emerald plains, it’s a must for anyone who wants to immerse themselves in the natural beauty of the region. On top of the abundant flamingos and oryx, you’ll find more than 200 species […] full post

Heritage Sites to Visit this National Day

November 29, 2021, hertz Discover UAE Latest Posts

December 2nd marks the day in 1971 when all the separate Emirates in the UAE decided to unite after British rule was rescinded three years earlier, founding the country as we know it today. This year marks 50 years since the foundation of the UAE, and will be marked with spectacular firework displays, kaleidoscopic carnival […] full post

Upcoming events in the UAE

October 3, 2021, hertz Discover UAE Latest Posts

As we slowly emerge from one of the worst pandemics in recent history, Dubai and the UAE are starting to welcome visitors again. The easing of COVID restrictions means that life can start getting back to normal, and that includes entertainment, events, and exhibitions are back on again. At Hertz, we’re delighted that at last, […] full post

Travel the World within the UAE

August 8, 2021, hertz Discover UAE Latest Posts

We all want to travel the world, but with the current Covid-19 situation, options can be a little limited. So rather than jetting off abroad, why not travel the world – right here in the UAE? At Hertz, we love adventures, and we know you do too. To help you scratch that travel itch, we’ve […] full post

Indoor Activities in Dubai

July 5, 2021, hertz Discover UAE Latest Posts

While there are many things to see and do outside in Dubai, there’s plenty of activities on offer indoors. There’s one big advantage to indoor activities in Dubai, and that’s air conditioning! If you want to escape the summer heat, we have a selection of the best indoor activities in Dubai for the whole family, […] full post