There is a lot of ground to cover in the UAE, from all of Dubai’s many shopping malls and beaches to driving across the desert, through the Hajjar mountains or by the sea coast. While travelling within the city can usually be taken care of with the metro or bus, there is no better way to get around the UAE than by driving your own car.

Getting car rentals in the UAE is usually a simple and hassle-free affair, so anyone can drive if they want to. All you need is an international driving permit, third-party insurance and a credit card and you’re all set to explore the seven emirates at your leisure.

Here’s why we recommend getting a car hire in the UAE during your visit:

1) You can rent a luxury car to truly experience the Emirati Lifestyle: If you’re passionate about cars, then the UAE is the perfect destination. You can rent a luxury vehicle to get around the city in style or get a sports car to drive down endless desert highways for the road trip of a life time. There is a vast variety of cars to choose from when renting in the UAE, so you’re sure to find a car that suits both your taste and your budget.

2) The vast, extensive and modern road network: The road system in the UAE is based on the European system, with many roundabouts, highly channeled traffic, and road signs in both Arabic and English. The roads and highways are of very high quality, which makes driving in the UAE a very enjoyable experience.

3) The low price of gasoline: At around just 2 AED per liter, gasoline is very affordable, which makes driving very affordable.

4) The beauty of the landscape: You might imagine that the UAE is just an endless desert, going for miles on end, making any road journey very monotonous. However, the UAE actually has several distinct types of landscapes, from rugged mountains and undulating sand dunes, to scenic coastal roads. The best way to explore the UAE is by taking road trips to the different Emirates to see what sets them apart.

5) Off-roading and dune bashing opportunities: If you love adventure sports, the UAE has many wadis as well as sand deserts where you can drive a 4 x 4 in extreme landscapes, like over sand dunes and in wadis (dry river beds).

Tips for driving in the UAE:

1) If you are visiting, you need an international driving permit.

2) I you are a resident, you will need a local driving license.

3) Never drive under the influence as this will result in a prison sentence.

4) Carry a physical map on long journeys as GPS failure could lead to you getting lost.

5) Always carry your car insurance and registration papers in your vehicle.