The UAE is famous for its towering buildings, amazing landscapes, and wide roads. Opting for a car hire in the UAE is a reasonable idea as most of the tourist attractions can be a little far from each other. Car rental also makes it easier for you to take amazing road trips within the UAE.

Before you get to booking a car rental in the UAE, you should always check for the requirements for hiring and driving a car. Here are a few tips you should keep in mind while driving a car in the UAE:

Keep on Your Side

Cars in the UAE are driven on the right-hand side of the road while overtaking is done on the left. Since the local drivers have a reputation of overtaking, make sure that you’re aware of your side to avoid any sort of collision.

Pick the Right Vehicle and Plan Your Itinerary

Roads in the UAE go on for a long stretch without any settlement or supply shops. While heading to the deserts, to avoid any sort of discomfort, pack a fair amount of food and water. Also, try renting a 4×4 vehicle; not only is it great for a smooth journey, but it also gives you the opportunity for off-roading.

Be Aware of Directions

The roads in the UAE go under continuous reworks rendering traditional maps useless. Whenever driving in the city or going for a road trip, ensure that you have a GPS navigation.

Follow the Rules and Regulations

Always wear seat belts while driving.

DO NOT drink and drive as the UAE traffic police is not tolerant about the same. You could risk injury to yourself and to others, and you would be going to jail if you’re found guilty.

Follow the speed limits. Although speed limits in the UAE vary from road to road, in busy areas it’s 20km/h while on highways it can range from 120 km/h to 140 km/h.

The minimum driving age in the UAE is 18, but there could be some care hire companies in Dubai who have set the bar at 25.

Refrain from using obscene language or gestures.

Don’t speak over the phone while driving. You can only do that if you have a handsfree device.

Carry the Must-Have Documents

Anyone who wants to drive in the UAE must have an international driver’s license along with their native one. You should also carry all the documents related to the car including its license, registration, insurance, and the agreement papers of the car lending company.

Child Safety Rules

The wide roads do make driving easier, but they also give reckless drivers an opportunity of mischief. To especially safeguard children in light of this, the UAE has implemented strict child safety rules. No child under the age of 12 can travel in the front seat unless they are sitting in an approved car seat that is rear facing, with the airbag disabled. Children in the rear who are under twelve must have appropriate seats or booster seats and restraints.