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Short-term rental periods make our Monthly Rental service the perfect option for customers who are relocating to the UAE or for those customers who are not keen on a longer-term commitment. This includes business travellers on extended stays, students and lecturers studying at the Emirate’s colleges and universities, healthcare sector workers, and contract employees.

Monthly Rental is a great choice for customers who want short term rental flexibility with long term rental benefits. Our deals include 1-month, 3-month, 6-month, 10-month rentals or Mini Lease.

Monthly Rental contracts offer customers a wide range of vehicles to choose from, along with Hertz’s premium quality packages that include vehicle Pick Up and Delivery services and 24-hour roadside assistance.


Although the rental periods are offered in 1-month, 3-month, 6-month, 10-month rentals or Mini Lease format, customers can extend the rental period each month by following our online instructions. Alternatively, they can talk to an operator by calling our customer support line 800Hertz. This gives customers unparallel flexibility in their vehicle management, regardless of the length of the contract. Customers who have made a long-term commitment to Hertz can change vehicles as often as they like.

Value for Money

Competitive deals and flexible contracts include feature-rich vehicle specifications with ABS, Bluetooth as standard and a host of other in-cabin, safety, and driver features. Our professionally trained executives make sure every rental agreement is easy to understand, stress-free and quick, delivering a best-in-class service experience for all our customers.

We have a wide range of vehicles, from small hatchbacks to luxury automatics. Our fleet of cars is regularly serviced and updated with the newest models. Click here to explore our fleet.


Hertz rental packages include all car-related concerns like Servicing, Road Toll, Traffic fines and other regular maintenance work needed on the car. Choosing a vehicle has never been easier. Simply book and pre-pay online. Customers can submit all their documents online in complete confidence, using our secure online portal. Alternatively, our operators can deal with all inquiries and rental bookings over the phone.

We have branches across the UAE and a presence at all major airports. Customers can pick up a vehicle at one branch and drop off at another, for a quick and hassle-free service. In the unlikely event of a breakdown, accident, or key loss, our 24-hour contact centre can help immediately.


We ensure that every part of the process is completely transparent, so our customers are aware of every aspect of their rental agreement from the outset. We provide full details of the vehicle booked along with its specifications online. Our Terms & Conditions are explained clearly during booking, vehicle pick-up and return, minimising the possibility of excess charges or costs to the customer.

Our Terms and Conditions may be extensive, but we believe that this offers our customers the best protection and rental experience. To ensure this, we provide all customers with a complete list of terms attached with each rental agreement to avoid any issues in understanding.

Our Terms and Conditions are written in easy-to-understand language and explain our rental terms and conditions in clearly defined, jargon-free terms.

Customers receive a detailed invoice of all charges, with no ‘hidden extras’. Queries are dealt with quickly and efficiently by our rental teams to ensure the best possible rental experience for every customer.

Speak to our professional and knowledgeable agents to find out more about monthly rental plans from Hertz. You can also rent a car in Dubai online, and across the UAE, hassle free.