Commercial – Toyota Hilux

Its reputation precedes it, and has done for decades. The Toyota Hilux has to be one of the world’s most iconic vehicles, trusted by business users across the globe. Almost indestructible, economical, versatile and practical, it is the go-to pick-up truck of choice for practically every industry. While its natural environment may be a building site, a business park or off-road delivering much-needed supplies to remote locations, the modern Hilux is equally at home in the city.

A heritage stretching back to 1968

First appearing as a short wheelbase truck in Japan, the Hilux made its debut in 1968. It was an instant hit, providing businesses with a utilitarian vehicle that not only gave them the ability to move cargo, thanks to its flatbed truck, but also gave users more comfort than the average commercial vehicle. The separate cabin was the key selling point, elevating it above the average truck or van. In effect, the Hilux was the first true ‘crossover’.

It now features larger engines, greater luggage capacity and eventually double cabins that could easily accommodate four people, transforming the Hilux from an everyday workhorse into a desirable, adaptive and capable all-rounder. Today’s versions are more dynamic, more luxurious and much more powerful, but they still have that all-round capacity to be both practical and comfortable.

Bigger engines, greater versatility

One thing that the Hilux did tend to suffer from was a lack of power. That, however, is a thing of the past, and the most recent 2020/21 models offer a range of engine options including a powerful 2.8-Litre diesel that delivers 201bhp and 500Nm of torque – a considerable upgrade when compared to older models. It’s available with a six-speed manual or automatic gearbox with selectable 4-wheel drive and low range gears for tackling more challenging off-road terrain.

It also has an automatic limited slip-differential in two-wheel drive mode, giving it more traction and greater stability despite being the most fuel-efficient setting. That makes it perfectly suited to urban driving as well as off-roading, which is why the 2020/21 Hilux is now a common sight on city streets.

A refined interior

Whereas most working vehicles can be noisy and uncomfortable, the Hilux provides a more refined, quieter interior where driver and passengers can relax without having to listen to the sound of tyre or wind noise throughout the journey. Seats are leather trimmed and luxuriously comfortable with plenty of leg-room, while the addition of a second row of seats makes the modern versions far more practical for moving both goods and people.

The suspension is smooth and Toyota have all but eliminated the characteristic ‘bounce’ that used to affect the older models. The modern versions have all the onboard navigation and infotainment systems you would expect in any other SUV, including an 8” touch screen and a JBL audio system.

Secure load areas

The cargo area is not only spacious, but there is also the option of a fitted locking top, protecting and securing the contents while in transit and when parked. A drop tail-gate makes access quick and easy, while cover anchor points provide you with the option of using a soft cover to secure your load.

Why hire a Hilux?

For businesses, a vehicle investment is a big consideration, and often one that’s determined by one key factor – cost. However, if you’re looking for a short-term solution then a monthly rental or lease option is a better idea than an outright purchase, as it provides you with the flexibility to use a high-performance commercial vehicle such as the Hilux for as long as is necessary while ensuring that all of your expenses are covered in a single monthly payment. At the end of the rental period, it’s simply a matter of handing the vehicle back.

The Hilux is one of our most popular long-term rental commercial vehicles, and looking at the specifications for the 2020/21 models, it’s easy to see why. If you’re looking for short-term vehicle hire, you can book online through the Hertz UAE website today.

Images and description are for illustrative purposes only. Specs may vary on rented vehicle based on selection.

Vehicle Features

4 Doors

5 Passengers


2.7 litre


Front Wheel Drive

9.3 kmpl

Power Steering



5 Star (ancap)

Front Driver Airbags

Front Passenger Airbags

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