Fujairah is one of the few cities in the world that effortlessly fuses the old and the new, tradition and modernity, and sets a brave foot into the future while keeping one foot firmly grounded in the past. The charm of this Emirate lies in the variety of experiences it offers, making for a true Emirati experience. Take it from us; it’s a great place for a vacation, especially if you’re looking for an adventure! With a stunning backdrop of rugged mountains and quiet waters, Fujairah is an exceptional adventure destination. All you need is a car rental to zip from one activity to the other. Pack your gear and be prepared to have the adventure of a lifetime!

Take the plunge

Fujairah is home to the crystal clear waters of the Gulf of Oman, which also houses a wide variety of marine flora and fauna, making it an excellent location for lovers of snorkelling. Visitors can book their snorkelling excursions well in advance by getting in touch with the Le Meridien Al Aqah Beach Resort, which has its own diving centre. There is also a diving specialist there, who can guide you if you’re a diving rookie. Alternatively, visitors can contact the Scuba International Diving College in the International Marine Club of Fujairah to pick their slot for a scuba or snorkel experience.

Head for the hills

Fujairah has some rough and rugged terrain for those looking to mountain bike when they visit. Adventure lovers and thrill seekers can explore the city on a bike, or even embark on the thrilling trip across the mountains of Fujairah on a special trail. Interested travellers can book a mountain bike in advance.

Fujairah also offers excellent hiking opportunities, with spectacular hiking trails in the Hajar Mountains. If you’re a hiker looking for a challenging path, then try the Jebel Yebir trail, which is an intense five hour trail. However, it’s worth the effort of breaking into a sweat, because the trail has a stunning view with the Persian Gulf on one side, and the Gulf of Oman on the other.

Wild Wadis

Fujairah, like most of the Emirates, has wadis, which are dried up riverbeds. This has led to the development of a special adventure activity—wadi bashing. From camping near the wadis to participating in the Wadi Bih Run in February, there is a wide range of activities to participate in when you’re at the wadis. Fujairah is home to a number of wadis including Wadi Beih, Wadi Sidr, Wadi Mai, Wadi Al Wurayah, Wadi Saham, Wadi Hayl, and Wadi Siji.

Witness the Al Saif Sword Championship

The goal of the Al Saif Sword Championship is to keep the art of swordplay, which is native to the Arab region, alive and kicking. While participation may be a bit difficult, interested visitors can watch the thrilling spectacle of the dance of experienced sword fighters as they compete at the Championship.