Dibba is an urban region on the east coast of the Arabian Peninsula, overlapping the border of the United Arab Emirates and Oman. Known for being a water enthusiast’s paradise, Dibba is studded with gorgeous beaches and sparkling blue water bodies where one can go fishing or for a swim. It is a mix of coral reefs and soaring peaks (Hajar Mountains), and provides endless possibilities of exploration.

Dibba is located roughly 150 kilometers away from Dubai and can be reached via road within two hours. The road till Dibba offers some spellbinding views of the Hajar mountains as you wind through the Jebel Hafeet road. You will also get to see some quaint villages in Masafi during your drive. To make the most of your journey, opt for a car rental in Dubai in a car of your choice.

Here’s a guide to spending a fruitful day in Dibba:

Reach the Dibba port where you can board a special Arabian style ferry called the Arabian Dhow. It’s suggested that you make the bookings for such a ride beforehand. You are welcomed with delectable Arabic and Asian food that are served buffet-style, along with other refreshments. You can observe every bit of nature around you while the dhow sails slowly in the calm blue sea.

A ride in the Dhow boats also lets you make use of the fishing lines and snorkeling equipment. You can choose to sit back by the boat’s edge and hope to catch a fish, or you could wear your snorkeling equipment and swim among the fishes. The water here is quite clear and you can see almost till the bottom of the sea.

These Arabian Dhows are guided by a fully-trained and qualified captain who is joined by an equally skilled crew. These ships are fully equipped with navigation compass, fire extinguisher, safety tools, medical box, and life jackets.

A trip like this generally lasts for five hours, so pack your essentials accordingly. These tours are operational every nine hours and generally start at 7 am onward, so make sure that you reach the port in time.

Rejuvenate at the O2 Spa

Other than an unforgettable journey of the sea, there are several other spots, locations, and sites across Dibba that provide you a unique recreational experience. One of them is the O2 Spa in Dibba; it offers a wide range of therapeutic treatments that help you destress and relax.

Keep your passport handy when you visit Dibba as a portion of this place falls under Oman’s jurisdiction. Also, when opting for a car rental in Dubai, check that you have procured all the relevant papers including your vehicle’s registration and license.