A road trip to the less-explored parts of the UAE is a great way to bond with your gang of girls. You can either visit a resort to pamper yourselves or spend a few days and nights hiking, trekking and indulging in desert sports if you and your friends love the outdoors. And we know the perfect spot for your next weekend trip: Fujairah.

This rocky emirate has the rugged Hajjar mountains making up most of the backdrop and driving through these is sure to be an exciting experience. Just get a car rental in Dubai to kick off a fun girls’ weekend!

Here are a few recommendations for your road trip itinerary:

The Mountains and the Wadis

Explore the beauty and charm of Fujairah by driving through the rocky Hajar Mountains. You can take the E88 Highway towards Fujairah to reach. It is possible to experience a little off-roading once you reach the Friday Market. Simply head for the Wadis located behind the market for a beautiful off-roading experience. Make sure to follow the rules and regulations in place and plan your trip and equipment in advance if you plan to drive off-road.

Discovering the Culture

Once you’ve had your fill of adventure, you can head on to Fujairah Fort. This ancient structure was constructed around 1670 AD and was renovated quite recently. While you can’t enter the actual fort, the site is also well worth a visit. If you and your gang are interested in Fujairah’s history and past you can pay a visit to the nearby Fujairah Museum as well.

Where to Stay

Fujairah has many hotels and resorts where you can plan a comfortable stay. Spend a leisurely day bonding with your friends as you eat a delicious brunch or spend the day at the hotel spa. We recommend the Neptunial at the Hilton for their affordable and elaborate buffet. If you want a more relaxed option, the Breezer Bar by Ajfujairah Beach is a great option. After lunch, you can either relax on the beach or try out jet skiing. Jet ski rentals are about 200 AED per hour, and are a great way to beat the heat with a little excitement.

Exploring Al Bithna

You can also drive up to Al Bithna, a little village located ahead from Fujairah. There are cute villas, dry wadis, as well as a late Islamic Fort called the Bithna Fort. You can stop at the Friday Market on the way back if you and your friends are in the mood for a little shopping and bargaining. There are some great deals to be had on local handicrafts, Afghan rugs, home décor, as well as delicious local produce. You can take the opportunity to stock up on some healthy snacks and fruits for the journey back to Dubai.

A trip to Fujairah is definitely worth taking, even if it is to simply enjoy the scenery. Try to catch a glimpse of the Hajjar Mountains at sundown to watch them slowly change color.