Road trips are one of the best ways of taking a break from a hectic, city-life schedule and exploring new places. Driving for long distances also helps you bond with your family and friends while enjoying the panoramic view of the roads.

Driving towards the UAE’s eastern coast, you will pass by soaring mountains on one side and a deep blue sea on the other. That’s the view you get when you head to Dibba, a coastal area located at the northern tip of the eastern Arabian Peninsula of the Gulf of Oman.

How to Reach Dibba?

Dibba is located 285 kilometers away from Abu Dhabi. If you opt for a car rental in Abu Dhabi, you can reach Dibba in a couple of hours. Hiring a car would not only make the journey easier but would also help you explore Dibba in a more thorough manner.

Things to Do in Dibba:

Retire at Dadina Beach

Dadina Beach in Dibba has the clearest blue waters and stretches to a considerable distance. This well-maintained beach offers a boat ride which takes you to a tour of the sea. Evenings spent at Dadina beach could truly be one of your best moments in Dibba.

Cruise Along the Waters of Dibba Mussandam

The blue waters of Dibba are simply irresistible. At Mussandam, you could board a double decker dhow boat where you will get to enjoy a delicious meal with drinks while on board. You can choose to stay aboard with a fishing line or dive into the pristine waters for a swim or to snorkel.

Nomad Ocean Adventures at Fujairah

This is a dive center located in a resort-style hotel, with the diving site just five minutes away. Nomad Ocean Adventures provides a controlled environment for scuba diving experts and has experienced instructors who come quite recommended. You should definitely give underwater scuba diving a chance when in Dibba.

Rejuvenate at the O2 Spa

The O2 Spa in Dibba offers a wide range of therapeutic treatments that help you release stress and relax your body. Their Thai massages are considered as one of the best. Make sure you spend some quality time over here and liberate all your tiredness.

There are several other spots, locations, and sites across Dibba that provide you unique recreational experiences. When visiting Dibba, keep in mind that one of its territories, Dibba Al-Baya, falls under Oman’s jurisdiction. So, when you opt for a car rental in Abu Dhabi, ensure that the car has valid registration and is allowed to be driven to and in Oman.