The UAE is known for its surreal cities that have sky-high buildings, lavish hotels, and malls that would make you go on a major shopping spree. But beyond these cities are places that show a different side of the Middle East, a rather calm and serene one.

Khasab-Musandam is one such place that reflects the beauty of the Middle East. Located at the border of Ras Al Khaimah, UAE, Khasab is a city in Oman and is the capital of the Musandam peninsula.

Khasab is located at distance of 200 kilometers from Dubai and can be reached easily within 120-180 minutes, thanks to the amazing roads in UAE. Hiring a taxi for this route might prove to be slightly expensive, so it’s suggested that you opt for a car rental in Dubai. Getting a rental car in Dubai won’t only make travelling easier, but it would also help in better exploration of Khasab. Here are a few things you could do while you are there:

Dhow Cruise

Dhow is a lateen-rigged ship chiefly used in the Arabic region. You can enjoy your day in Khasab by cruising through the stunning waters of Musandam on board a traditionally decorated Omani dhow. The trip provides you with serene views of the landscape, which includes a blue sea and glimpses of dolphins. You could also go for a swim or snorkeling. The food served on these cruises are delectable and give you the taste of traditional Omani food.

Visit the Khasab Castle

The Khasab Castle was originally built by the Portuguese but got ruined over time and was later reconstructed by the Omanis. There are still certain parts of the ruins that can be noticed in contrast to the new building. The castle houses antique furniture, clothes, and ornaments that were used by the then natives. Visiting this place not only gives one a visual treat but also provides with valuable information about the Omani history and culture.

Go for Swim at Bassa Beach

Bassa Beach is the most frequented beach in Khasab, people come here to take a dip in the ocean or to camp. Sunsets at Bassa Beach are one of the loveliest. Don’t be alarmed by the sharks, they could be seen circling in the shallow bay but have been proved to be harmless.

Whenever you visit Khasab, make sure that you have a camera with you as you will find some really amazing picture-worthy vistas. If you’re opting for a car rental in Dubai for your Khasab trip, carry the vehicle’s papers along with your passport to show at the border.