Many think of Abu Dhabi as a well-ordered and industrious city. Just like Dubai, Abu Dhabi was once a small fishing village till oil was discovered. Today it is the bustling center of business and government in the UAE, a shining modern city. But the Emirate of Abu Dhabi has a lot more to offer to visitors who are willing to explore its other areas and venture out into the unknown. With a car rental in Abu Dhabi you are ready to explore the stunning beauty of this emirate. Here are 7 things you need to see on your visit to Abu Dhabi:

1. Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque: This mammoth mosque is a beautiful sight with its Macedonian marble facade. It is one of the most popular sightseeing attractions in Abu Dhabi, and for good reason. Visually stunning, the mosque is an excellent display of Islamic craftsmanship with intricate glasswork, mosaic tiling and other features that give the mosque its exquisite character. Able to hold 40,000 worshippers, this is the largest mosque in the UAE. If you are interested in the history of the mosque, you can opt for the guided tour.

2. Mangrove Kayaking: Explore Abu Dhabi’s natural beauty with a trip to the mangrove ringed islands along the shores of the city. It is also educational as you will learn about the importance of mangroves to the ecology while you paddle through the remnants of the beautiful forests.

3. Ferrari World: This theme park is a must-visit for all motoring enthusiasts and thrill seekers. Try out the Aces Rollercoaster, which reaches speeds of up to 120 km per hour, for a rush of adrenaline. You can also check out their collection of Ferrari cars that include models that date back to 1947.

4. Observation Deck at 300: Abu Dhabi’s observation deck, located on the 74th floor of the Jumeirah at Etihad Towers, is Abu Dhabi’s answer to Dubai’s Burj Khalifa. You can see vast panoramic views of the city from the deck as you snack at the observation deck’s restaurant. We recommend visiting for the restaurant’s high tea as it is definitely a unique experience.

5. Al-Hosn Fort: Also known as the White Fort, this impressive structure was built as the seat of the ruling family in 1793. The fort now serves as a museum that traces the history and culture of Abu Dhabi, with a large collection of photographs on show. The large courtyard and the intricate tilework are notable features of the fort.

6. Yas Island: This is where you head to sunbathe and relax by the beach. This sandy stretch is home to some of Abu Dhabi’s most luxurious hotels, with pristine sandy beaches and the Yas Marina Circuit (Abu Dhabi’s Formula One Circuit).

7. Heritage Village: A replica of the typical Bedouin Village, the Heritage Village is a glimpse into Abu Dhabi’s pre-oil boom culture. There are exhibitions of tools and implements as well as workshops that showcase traditional Emirati metalwork and weaving.