Falling somewhere between a hatchback and compact SUV, the Honda City combines elements of both, resulting in a slick, street-smart sedan that’s ideally suited to the stop-start urban environment. However, the City’s unbeatable fuel efficiency and spacious interior mean it also excels when the road opens up onto the highways on extended journeys.

Classic Honda style that shines both in the city and beyond

A smart, sweeping front end shares certain traits with Honda’s enormously popular Civic, while the slightly stretched wheelbase gives the City the look of a much larger vehicle. Attractive and defined by its understated style and relaxed confidence, despite its engineers’ clear focus on practical design and functionality, the City is striking without being overly-showy.

Best in class efficiency without compromising on performance

The City’s greatest strength is the performance of its 1.5 L, four-cylinder engine. While its ability to put down plenty of power ensures the car is capable of getting up to speed in a reasonable amount of time, it’s the motor’s efficiency that makes the City stand out.

With an advertised fuel consumption rate of 50 mpg, the City is one of, if not the most efficient vehicle in its class. A 40-litre fuel capacity gives drivers more than 400 miles out of a full tank – a figure few cars can match. This ensures that the City appeals to those who appreciate efficiency, would prefer to spend a little less on fuel, are putting in some real miles or want to limit their environmental impact.

Power is delivered to the front wheels through a Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) This enhances driver comfort over long distances, guaranteeing a smooth ride and helping to manage fuel consumption. 

The most space for any sedan of its size

The City boasts a similar interior to its cousin, the Honda Jazz, with a stacked dashboard and the touchscreen control system situated slightly off-centre. Modern, sleek and stylish, the console and dash are largely button-free, with touchscreen technology employed across the front of the cabin.

Having increased the amount of space available via several alterations to the vehicle’s body, the interior places no limits on comfort – there’s enough room for even the tallest and leggiest of drivers. This focus on comfort extends to the rear of the car, too. Passengers will enjoy a considerable amount of legroom in the back of the vehicle, with the Honda City rivalling many larger sedans when it comes to space.

Finally, an expansive boot ensures the City is a practical option, too. Whether space is needed for pets, golf clubs, or the weekly shop, the car’s big 536-litre boot should satisfy even the most inefficient of packers. If that wasn’t enough, Honda has ensured the possibility of getting a little extra room by folding the rear seats forward.

All your in-car entertainment needs at your fingertips

One of the City’s most impressive features is its unique digital infotainment system. Controlled from a touchscreen panel embedded in the central console, this system includes Bluetooth and audio streaming, allowing drivers to cruise to favourite tunes, radio stations and podcasts with the utmost ease. 

An integrated reverse-view camera eases those tricky parking manoeuvres, as well as a handy ‘screen-share’ function. This original feature allows pairing of mobile devices with the infotainment system, while the car’s touchscreen can be used to control a range of mobile apps.

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Vehicle Features

5 Doors

5 Passengers

2 Small Bags

1 Large Bag


1.5 litre 4 Cylinder


5.8 lp100km

Power Steering



MP3 Player


CD Player

Power Windows

Remote Locking

Front Driver Airbags

Front Passenger Airbags

5 Pax