If there’s one SUV that’s built up a reputation for reliability, endurance, and simple, go-anywhere dependability, it’s the Toyota Land Cruiser. This grand daddy of the off-roading community has been pounding the muddy tracks and sandy expanses of the world for 60 years, putting it in the same sleague as the Land Rover and the Jeep. The Land Cruiser, though, just seems to keep on going and going, never putting a tyre out of place, and coping with just about anything the scenery can throw at it.

The 21st-century version of this mighty brand is just as rugged, just as dependable, and just as keen to go off-road given half a chance. The only difference is today’s Land Cruiser is a little more refined than the early (and pretty basic) models.

In short, it’s still the most reliable SUV in the world, and generation after generation of drivers swear by this beast of an SUV. At Hertz Car Rental we love the Land Cruiser, and we know our customers do too. It’s no surprise that we agree with the hype that the Toyota Land Cruiser is definitely the ‘King of every terrain’.

A powerhouse packed with safety technology

Previous incarnations of the Land Cruiser relied solely on hardcore ‘grunt’ and a sturdy engine to get you over those gullies and rock-strewn tracks. Today’s Land Cruiser still has plenty of grunt, but it’s got a wealth of technology to help out, too, meaning a smoother driving experience, with just enough excitement to keep you engaged. You have both active and passive safety features, including:

Front, rear, side and curtain airbags, giving all-round safety for both front and rear passengers, as well as the driver

  • Brake Assist
  • Vehicle Stability Control
  • Active Traction Control
  • Pre-Collision System

All of this comes together to create the Toyota Safety Sense package that doesn’t take anything away from the driving experience, but does give you that added peace of mind.

A family of engines

The Toyota Land Cruiser family ranges from a 4.0-litre engine all the way up to a massive 5.7-litre beast with an eight-speed automatic transmission. The size of the engine will depend on what you prefer (and bear in mind that with the larger specification 5.7-litre model you will be sacrificing a certain amount of fuel efficiency), but we find that most of our customers are particularly fond of the middle-of-the-range 4.6-litre model, which has a forgiving six-speed automatic transmission and a feisty V8 engine under the bonnet, with that typically snarly engine note that we all know and love.

A 32-valve, DOHC configuration ensures that power delivery is smooth and responds exactly when you need it most, while the broad, low-profile tyres put down plenty of traction, both off-road and back on the tarmac.

Cabin tech putting you in control

In the cabin, you have an intuitive, 10.1” screen that puts all the controls right at your fingertips, including access to the JBL audio and entertainment system (optional) that gives you surround-sound quality through 14 speakers.

In short, the Toyota Land Cruiser has the benefit of 60 years’ worth of heritage, a reputation for being practically unbreakable, and is packed with 21st-century tech that elevates it into the upper echelons of SUVs. It’s no surprise this grand old 4X4 is still top of the list when it comes to favourite all-terrain vehicles. Find out more by dropping into your local Hertz Car Rental branch today.

Images and description are for illustrative purposes only. Specs may vary on rented vehicle based on selection.

Vehicle Features

5 Doors

7 Passengers

2 Small Bags

2 Large Bags


4.6 litre 8 Cylinder


4 Wheel Drive

13.4 lp100km

Power Steering

Cruise Control



MP3 Player


CD Player

Power Windows

Remote Locking

Front Driver Airbags

Front Passenger Airbags

Satellite Navigation

7 Pax