Toyota CH-R

The Toyota CH-R is a one of a kind model that has successfully managed to merge a traditional crossover with eco-friendly gas consumption – an important feature in hybrid cars. With a dominating road presence, plenty of power but low emissions, the Toyota CH-R is that rare animal – a big crossover that treads lightly when it comes to the planet’s future.

Toyota has always been at the cutting edge of Hybrid technology, and they’ve applied everything they’ve learnt from the iconic Prius and transferred it over to the CH-R. The result is a great car that doesn’t compromise the environment.

A new direction for Toyota

Development of the CH-R began in 2013 and was the brainchild of Toyota’s chief engineer Hiroyuki Koba. Production models were finally unveiled at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show to rave reviews. Finally, someone had got the Hybrid Crossover right, and that someone was Toyota. The CH-R’s design concept was simple yet effective, capturing the coupe/hatchback/crossover elements and blending them into a single model. Its angular body design gives the car a more aggressive stance, resulting in a crossover that maintains both performance and style. The top keeps the classic look of Toyota coupes, while the raised road position and muscly front give it that crossover stance. The CH-R is 4.36m long, making it slightly smaller than the RAV-4. Boot capacity is 377 litres, which is a little smaller than others in the same class but can be increased by moving the rear seats forward.

Power without pollution

The key element to any hybrid is what’s going on underneath the bonnet. With the CH-R that is Toyota’s iconic Powertrain combination of a 1.8-Litre Atkinson-cycle petrol engine and an electric motor that produces 121bhp with a CO2 output of just 86g/km, making it one of the greenest crossovers on the road. It’s smooth with an effortless power delivery in both petrol and electric mode, with the emphasis on economy rather than rip-roaring performance. That makes the CH-R a decidedly family-friendly choice.

Toyota’s Powertrain set-up provides drivers with Normal, Eco, and Power modes that are controlled by the car’s central computer. Regenerative braking restores power to the batteries, giving this hybrid a better range. The McPherson struts, double-wishbone rear suspension, and slightly shorter wheelbase eliminate the body-roll you may experience in other tall crossovers, giving the CH-R a lower centre of gravity and better handling. And the economy? Well, that’s just shy of 23.9 kmpl which, for a crossover, is very good.

The benefits of driving a hybrid also make it more economical to run around towns, especially those with congestion or low emissions charges.

A great choice for rental

Overall, the Toyota CH-R represents an excellent entry-level hybrid crossover, constructed by a company that doesn’t cut corners or release sub-standard cars. Toyota’s reputation for producing people-friendly cars for modern living remains unblemished, and the CH-R is one of those models that we believe will have a long lifespan.

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Vehicle Features

5 Doors

5 Passengers

1 Small Bag

2 Large Bags


1.8 cc Hybrid


Front Wheel Drive

23.9 kmpl

Power Steering

Cruise Control

Traction Control



MP3 Player


Power Windows

Remote Locking

5 Star (euncap)

Front Driver Airbags

Front Passenger Airbags

5 Pax